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The Walk Of Shame - Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee Walking Horse Investigation Exposes Cruelty! This video exposes the most violent cruelty agaist horses I have ever seen, and It brought me to tears and rage! I just cannot believe my eyes! We must contribute to raising awareness!

05-06-2015 11:35
Trine Melinda Vollan

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Tennessee Walking Horses are known for their distinctive high steps, but animal rights campaigners say cruelty is being used to make them perform. The Tennessee Walking Horse are subjected to torture: use of chemicals called soring, beating, kicking among other cruel methods to perform. Soring involves use of chemicals or pressure to cause pain to a horse's feet when they touch the ground, resulting in the horse picking its feet up quickly. It is an abusive and prohibited practice illegal under the U.S, but it is still ongoing!


Some horses in the first video are unable to stand up from pain caused by soring. The staff then beat and kick the horse to make them stand up.

WARNING: Contains Graphic Footage! Vi advarer mot veldig sterke bilder!

This video is from 2012 and is published by the Humane Society of the United States. Please give your support!

This video is from 2014, and does not contain the same amount of strong graphic footage, and are better to sensitive viewers.

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