Navn: Patrik Af Hvarre Stangmål: 147 cm
Kjønn: vallak Nivå, sprang: Ikke ridd
Alder: 10 år Nivå, dressur: S
Rase: Dansk Sportsponni Nivå, feltritt: Ikke ridd

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FEI pony with beautiful charisma and unique personality is for sale. Patrik is very strong and steady-going, who does his very best during all the competitions and trainings. He always walks with great profits and has a very positive attitude to "go for a ride".

He is in a positive development and despite his young age and late start-up, there are many good years ahead of him. He has three rhythmic gaits over the average, where especially the canter must be highlighted with a nice uphill tendency and a good bearing.

Patrik is the perfect choice for the less experienced rider as well as the experienced rider who wants to ride on a high level. We bought Patrik in May 2015, where he was exclusively prepared. Then I have educated him to become an FEI-pony and have participated in various national competitions since January 2017, such as 2x Danish Championship, the Ecco cup final in 2018 and the Ecco cup final at Blue Hors in 2019. The most recent result is the national show in Hedensted, where he started an individual test to 69.2% and a freestyle to 72.5% and placed second.

Besides the daily dressage work he loves to take a walk in the woods or a trip to the beach, and do you have to cross a road, then this will be no problem. He is used to having dogs running around his legs and big machines nearby.

Patrik is easy in all handling, and is very uncomplicated during competitions etc. Has never been ill or had an injury course, and is looked after with blacksmith, vaccinations, dentist, etc. A new owner can take over the current insurance. New x-rays are available.



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Adresse: Gårdebymarkvej 6

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