Navn: Kleiner Donner 34 Stangmål: 148 cm
Kjønn: hoppe Nivå, sprang: Ikke ridd
Alder: 9 år Nivå, dressur: S
Rase: Tysk Sportsponni Nivå, feltritt: Ikke ridd

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FEI PONY The worlds most beautiful mare Fantastic pony, that can reach all the way to the top.

She is your best friend, and will do anything for you. Show her faith and she is prepared to go though anything for u.

She is skilled in every single exercise, and in regards to learn new exercises she will learn these without any problems. She does not stare at things at competitions. (dosen´t get distracted by moving objects and other horses)

I am proud to make this pony available for a new rider with big ambition and the love for my girl whom has given me so many wonderful hours inside and outside the stables.

If interested in video please forward an email or call us. //Nikita Rasmussen


Navn: Heidi Jensen Nettside:
Telefon: +45 29645511 E-post:
Adresse: Copenhagen

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